About us

Thirty40 Studios understand the growing need for smaller budget productions who can’t afford Soho prices.  As a result, your work can be forced into a ‘laptop grade’ or ‘bedroom mix’ where you don’t get the most from your hard work.

As filmmakers we understand that you are passionate about the detail, and so we decided to build an affordable facility for the smaller budget productions whilst at the same time being capable of delivering the ‘Soho-experience’ creating a professional environment for you and your clients. No more ‘bedroom mixes’!

Professional finishing means a better piece, which turns into happier clients, and then of course means more work for you.  Just think about this: our daily rates start at the same rate as what you would pay for 15 minutes in Soho!  So that’s the same results but at a fraction of the price.

Our facility has catered for deliverables for Sony Music, Lime Pictures and the BBC to name just a few and you’ll be glad to hear we’re based in Zone 2 West London and are easily accessible via Tube, Overground and Bus.