Grading Suite

Our brand new Da Vince Resolve Suite is equipped with:

Tangent Element Grading Panels
NVIDIA Quatro K5000 4GB Card
LaCie 12 Big Fibre 8 Drive 80 Gb
Sinology Raid Storage.

This suite is equipped to grade up to 4K.

Our Grading Suite is available for you to use as you please – you are welcome to bring your own colourist, or if you need to hire our own, we have a very close professional relationship with award-winning colourist Luciano Marigo-Spitaleri. Luciano's accolades include a BAFTA in the short film category in 2011, a 똅ocal International Award for David Attenborough¹s Life on Earth and a Best Grade & Restoration award for the BBC’s Trial of Life in 2013. Luciano’s grading covers a broad range of media including long-form documentaries, factual programmes, feature films and drama series. When Luciano isn’t grading (or in the gym!) he trains and teaches other colourists at various levels.

For lower budget productions we have our own in-house junior colourist, Nick Lee.

Grading Suite Standard Costs (please call as we consider prices on a project-by-project basis):

Dry Hire (for online content): £100/day with LaCie 724 Widescreen LED Backlit LCD Monitor (fully calibrated)

Dry Hire: £160/day with REC709 Grading Monitor (fully calibrated)

Additional Monitors for 2K or 4K grading please call for quote.

Wet Hire with Senior Colourist and Tech Support: please call for a competitive quotation.

Wet Hire with Junior Colourist and Tech Support (with 1080 REC709 Calibrated Monitor): £420/day

Wet Hire with Junior Colourist and Tech Support (with LaCie 724 Calibrated Monitor): £350/day